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Classroom Number: M195

  Welcome to Mrs. Galbraith's  

6th grade Math!    

Do not be afraid to ask for help, ask a question or make a mistake

This classroom is a risk-free environment where we aren’t afraid to make mistakes,

but learn from them. smiley


Our goal:  To learn to think in a logical and mathematical way, not just mimic a process.



Research has proven that there are only four ways to get things in our long-term memory and one of these is “review and practice”. Assignments will be given daily to practice the math concept taught during instruction.  If this assignment is not finished in class, you are expected to finish the assignment as homeworkPracticing math is critical to mastering the concept and must be completed daily.  All assignments are due the following day.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see what assignment you missed and turn it in on time.  If the assignment that you missed was a workbook or run-off page, it will be in the red chart hanging over the closet door. If it was a textbook assignment, the page and item numbers will be posted on the bulletin board.  As stated in the handbook, you will have one day for each day absent to make up the work.  Assignments completed in pen will not be acceptedAssignments should have a proper heading on the top right hand corner of the page and should include: First and Last Name, Math-hr, Date, and Textbook pages.

Late Work:

As stated in the handbook, if you fail to turn in your assignment on the day that it is due (for any reason), you will get 1 extra day.  However, papers turned in a day late will only be given half credit. If after the 1 extra day the work is still not turned in, the grade will be entered as a zero. Lunch detention will be assigned for every missing assignment (zero).

Grading Policy: 

Daily assignments (homework) will make up 50% of the semester grade.  The remaining 50% will be comprised of chapter tests, quizzes, and Math notebooks which  will be checked periodically for completion and organization.   At the end of the semester, these notebooks will be worth 100 points and counted as a TEST GRADE. 

  • If you are caught cheating for any reason, you will receive a zero and this zero cannot be made up.  This includes dishonest grading of homework, copying someone else’s paper, or any other form.

Extra Credit:

Extra problems on the regular assignment are occasionally given as an option to complete for extra credit points.  In addition, various other extra credit opportunities are randomly offered throughout the year and are posted on the board.

Homework Passes:

You can earn (1) one homework pass for each group of supplies listed below that you donate to the classroom and bring within the first two weeks of school.  (Limit 4 per student) -- Cannot combine group of supplies and Math binder to make 8 ……….…….Choose either the group of 4 supplies or 1 binder ready to go

  • Package of 4 Expo brand markers (black)           
  • 1 bottle Germ-X                                      
  • 1 canister of anti-bacterial wipes
  • 1 large box of Kleenex plus 1 package of red pens (no gel pens)

or  For (4) four homework passes, bring an extra binder all ready to go with zipper pouch, red pen, pencil, Expo markers, calculator, and paper to be used as a Math notebook.

The teacher reserves the right to change this syllabus.  Students will be notified of any changes.